Hello and welcome to my site. I’m a professional landscape ecologist and re-started to be a hobby photographer  after some years of abstinence. Since I’m working in the field of environmental impact regulation of infrastructural projects, photography has become a necessary part of my daily work in terms of conserving evidence. A view for the important is vital.

After work, photography is also a suitable counterweight to the daily rush. I focus on catching the beautifulness of nature, especially the floral microcosm but also animals and landscape. Nevertheless I also keep an eye on other motifs and try to evolve.

On this site, I present some of my works. 

In the archive, you’ll find some texts concerning nature and the human environmental impact.  I’ve presented them on this site before and wanted to keep them online. Also two of my works from my studies are available on the page “publications”.

You may contact me via facebook: Holger Burgardt Fotografie